What About Internships?

Have you ever wondered why you should get an internship?  Check out this infographic from internships.com.



Did you know that Baylor provides students specific internship focused guidance?


Heather Wheeler is our Assistant Director of Internships in Career and Professional Development and she wants to help you find the internship that will help you to be most successful in your career quest!

Here’s a video she put together telling about what she does and here is some information she wants you to know:

Students who completed an internship have been shown to:

1)      Get job offers sooner

2)      Get more job offers

3)      Get higher starting salaries (courtesy of NACE’s 2011 Student Survey Report)

Contact Heather Wheeler, Assistant Director of Internships, at Heather_R_Wheeler@baylor.edu to get started with your search today!

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