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Here on “Mind Your Major”, we are beginning a new series featuring Baylor alumni, describing their journeysafter college.  Today we welcome Kevin Perkins, BBA ’82 to share his incredible experiences since his Baylor undergrad days.

KP:  I’ve been an FBI Agent for 27 years and currently hold the position of Associate Deputy Director (equivalent to Chief Operating Officer and the #3 in command of the organization).

MYM:  What led you to consider pursuing your current field of work?

KP:  A career in the FBI was something I strived for since I was a young child (no kidding).

MYM:  What is your educational background?

KP:  My BBA from Baylor (’82) with an emphasis in accounting was part of my overall plan in that I knew the FBI hired many accountants and lawyers as Special Agents.

MYM:  What do you feel has best prepared you for your work?

KP:  The FBI’s motto is “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.”  A Baylor education provided unique life preparation grounded in solid moral and ethical practices that helps me live up to this motto.

MYM:  Please take us through a typical day.

KP:  As the Associate Deputy Director my typical workday starts early and most often goes late. We are an organization of over 36,000 employees conducting worldwide, high risk operations 24/7/365 and operating on an annual budget of over $9 billion.   We maintain offices in over 400 locations in the US and over 70 locations overseas.

Typically I arrive at my desk in Washington, DC between 6:30 and 7:00 am and immediately begin to prepare for a series of operational threat briefings of both FBI Director Mueller and Attorney General Eric Holder. Following these daily briefings I generally spend the remainder of my day in various meetings with my direct reports concerning any number of issues to include strategy, budget, human resources, information technology, security and facilities.   While I am now responsible for the business side of the FBI I most recently served as Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division where I was responsible for providing oversight of all FBI criminal investigations worldwide.

My early career was much more along the lines of a traditional FBI Agent. I am a CPA and my investigative experience included complex white collar crime, public corruption and organized crime. I also served as a Sniper on an FBI SWAT team prior to entering the management career path.

MYM:  What is your advice to students interested in pursuing this world of work?

KP:  My advice to students interested in the FBI or law enforcement in general is to pursue your dreams. The Bureau has many different career paths, all of which reward one with the knowledge that they are serving their country and protecting its citizens from those wishing to do us harm.   It is a very rewarding career!

Thanks so much to Kevin Perkins for his outstanding assistance in sharing his journey.  Look for our next edition of “In Their Own Words” next week!

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