One Huge Factor That Can Affect Your Job Prospects

Day after day, students express their concern to me about job availability upon graduation.  They tell me that job availability is something they consider as they explore different career fields.  The most common approach to this concern is to research the occupations that are expected to have good job prospects.  While this data can influence decision making, it does not offer the full picture.  Students must remember the importance of being a strong candidate for jobs.  While gaining relevant experience is challenging when a student is unsure of his or her direction, there are certain skills that a job candidate will need to possess, regardless of major or career field. I am linking to a blog post in the Harvard Business Review titled “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar.  Here’s Why.

I think a quick read of the post will help students understand why communication is one of Baylor’s General Education Outcomes.  English and Journalism majors have long known the value of using proper grammar, but all students can fine-tune these skills, knowing that they will be critical in the workforce.  Are you wondering what other steps you can take to prepare for your career, even if you don’t know what kind of career you want?

1) Visit Career Counseling to help you identify potential majors and careers.

2) Visit Career Services for a career coaching session.  The friendly staff can help you understand why and how to start gaining experience to plan for graduate school admissions, your first job, and beyond.

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