Summer School, Anyone?

Summer school can be a great way to catch up or get ahead on your degree plan.  After considering the benefits, you might decide that this investment of time might just be worth it.

Summer School at Baylor

Baylor courses are offered in the minimester, first summer session, and second summer session.  Visit pages 31-32 in the Undergraduate Catalog to determine the maximum number of credits you can earn in the summer.  You can view the Schedule of Classes online.  Not all Baylor classes are offered in the summer.  Pay attention to the start and end dates, as there is a bit of overlap between the minimester and the first summer session.  Also, it is a good idea to check with Student Financial Aid Office to determine if your scholarships and financial aid can be used for summer classes.

Summer School Elsewhere

Some students choose to take summer courses at another institution.  Baylor allows students to transfer in no more than 15 hours of credit from another institution, once they begin at Baylor.  In other words, choose your classes carefully if you plan to take summer classes elsewhere.  The most important thing you can do is verify prior to taking the class that Baylor will accept the course for credit.  The equivalent courses offered at Texas community colleges are listed here.  If you are interested in taking a course that is not listed, you will be going out of state, or you will be taking classes at another university, you will need to submit a petition for the appropriate Baylor department to approve the course.  For questions about the petition process, contact your academic advisor.

Though going through these steps might sound tedious, your diligence on the front end can prevent many future hassles.  While taking classes might not sound like the most exciting way to spend your summer, consider that it might free up time for gaining relevant work experience later on.  By the way…it’s not too early to start thinking about these things!

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