Transformational Leadership – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela served as the president of South Africa from 1994-1999, but his impact as a transformational leader will last for countless decades. First of all, Mandela was a fantastic leader because he appreciated the power of symbols and the moral persuasiveness of genuine acts of kindness. By being a servant of others and engaging in simple and random acts of kindness toward others, Mandela served as an inspiration to his subordinates as well as to other leaders. His recurring emphasis on forgiveness was incredible as well. After being released from prison, he said “I am working now with the same people who threw me into jail, persecuted my wife, hounded my children from one school to the other… and I am one of those who are saying: Let us forget the past, and think of the present.” It is this supernatural form of selflessness and forgiveness that continues to inspire others and transform the views of society. He continued to set an example of reconciliation and vision for his countrymen. Not only did he set this bar, but he also expected his subordinates to live up to this expectation. He provided them with they support they needed to accomplish great things.

Workers today can apply these philosophies in their everyday lives, as well as in the workplace. In fact, practicing forgiveness and support in your every day life is the best way to put it into action. If you make compassion a part of who you are, it will naturally influence your role as a leader. Communication with subordinates is also a key component to the kind of transformational leadership Mandela practiced. He was in close contact with his subordinates, and wasn’t afraid to humble himself and serve them. Mandel possessed the perfect balance between relationship and task-oriented leadership styles.

Mandela’s legacy teaches us that transformational leadership goes much deeper than just the surface level. Making a lasting impact on any given group of people begins at the surface level, but in order to be truly effective, one must transcend to the deep and personal level.

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