About the “B” Association

The Baylor “B” Association is the official letterwinners organization of Baylor University. This membership-based organization is composed of former athletes who earned an athletic letter award while attending Baylor University. Through their membership in the “B” Association, these men and women demonstrate their continued interest in and support of Baylor’s athletic programs.


Mission Statement:

The Baylor “B” Association will strive to:

Create an environment in which the relationships among all letterwinners, their families, and the university will be enhanced;

Recognize the contributions of letterwinners and to express appreciation for their efforts;

Promote and support the participants and coaches of all university athletic programs;

Cooperate fully with the other university support organizations to bolster and sustain an exemplary academic-athletic program;

Ultimately maintain the spirit, tradition, honor, and distinction associated with the “B” Association and Baylor University.

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  1. The Baylor “B” Association stands as the honored letterwinners’ collective of Baylor University. With a rich tradition and legacy, this organization bridges the gap between past and present athletes, fostering a sense of camaraderie. Through its inclusive community and events, it perpetuates the Baylor spirit, uniting athletes across generations. By supporting current student-athletes and maintaining connections, the Association upholds the values of sportsmanship and achievement. As a vital part of Baylor’s athletic heritage, the “B” Association showcases the enduring pride of those who proudly wore the green and gold.
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