About the “B” Association

The Baylor “B” Association is the official letterwinners organization of Baylor University. This membership-based organization is composed of former athletes who earned an athletic letter award while attending Baylor University. Through their membership in the “B” Association, these men and women demonstrate their continued interest in and support of Baylor’s athletic programs.

Mission Statement:

The Baylor “B” Association will strive to:

Create an environment in which the relationships among all letterwinners, their families, and the university will be enhanced;

Recognize the contributions of letterwinners and to express appreciation for their efforts;

Promote and support the participants and coaches of all university athletic programs;

Cooperate fully with the other university support organizations to bolster and sustain and exemplary academic-athletic program;

Ultimately maintain the spirit, tradition, honor, and distinction associated with the “B” Association and Baylor University.

9 thoughts on “About the “B” Association

  1. Joey Staples here. I’m in the “B” club. Where do I find “B” association apparel?

    1. Hi Joey,
      “B” Association apparel is sold through the Baylor Bookstore. Since the items are limited to letterwinners, they are not available online. I recommend calling them directly at 254-710-2161 and they should be able to assist you with what items they have available. If you would like any additional information, feel free to contact me at 254-710-3045 or lauren_dalley@baylor.edu.

      1. can you help me with letterman apparel?

        Ernest Easley
        Track Letterman (1979)

  2. When are you going to send out statements for this years dues?

    1. Mr. Williams,

      The annual membership dues renewal brochure will be sent out in June.

  3. Do you have “Baylor B Association” or “Baylor Lettermen” car decals or license plat rings?

    1. Hello Mr. Terry-

      Apologies for the late response to your email request. Yes, we do “B” Association window decals and I would be happy to get one out to you in the mail. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer the license plate rings.

      Thank you for your inquiry-

  4. I was an athlete for Baylor during 2002-2005. I lettered in Cross Country and Track. I would love to join the Association. My son is currently looking into becoming a Bear and hopefully running for this incredible organization as well. How can I learn more about this?

    1. Hi Angela-

      Thank you for your email. I have located you in our database, but it does not look like we have your current contact information, so you are probably not receiving our mail and email communications. Please feel free to email me directly to update your contact info and we will make sure that you receive the information you are requesting. We look forward to your future involvement with the “B” Association!


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