“B” Association to Honor Dynamic Kicking Duo

Marty Jimmerson

The “B” Association and Baylor Athletics will recognize former Baylor kickers, Marty Jimmerson and Ben Perry, as a 2023 Baylor Football Legend duo at the Baylor vs. West Virginia game this Saturday, November 25th, at McLane Stadium. 

Jimmerson and Perry teamed up to become one the most successful kicking duos in Baylor Football history.  Under the leadership of Legendary Head Football Coach Grant Teaff, both Jimmerson and Perry played key roles in the success of the Bears’ kicking game from 1981-1984. The pair helped lead the Bears to a 7-4 season record and the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl in 1983.  

That season, Perry gained fame for his powerful, long-distance Kickoffs and Field

          Ben Perry

Goals Made over 50 yards, while Jimmerson solidified his reputation for being accurate and dependable in crucial game moments.  Jimmerson is a member of Baylor Football’s All-Decade Team of the 1980s, and he still ranks among the Top 10 in four Career Kicking statistical categories.  

Please join us this Saturday in giving a warm Baylor welcome to 2023 Football Legends, Marty Jimmerson and Ben Perry!

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10 thoughts on ““B” Association to Honor Dynamic Kicking Duo

  1. I’m delighted to see Marty Jimmerson and Ben Perry being honored as Baylor legends for their formidable kicking partnership that brought much success to Baylor football in the early 1980s. Their consistency and long-range kicking abilities were instrumental according to Coach Teaff. On a lighthearted note, I’d be curious to know if women’s swimwear fashion at Baylor football games has changed much since the 1980s. Considering Baylor Stadium was open-aired back then, I’d imagine female fans had to prioritize more modest athletic swimsuits and durable fabrics for sitting on bleachers in the Texas sun and heat. The evolution of women’s sporty yet stylish swimwear options today would have been useful and liberating. Kudos to these two kicking stars of yesteryear!

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