Looking Forward to Baylor Homecoming

Please join us for the virtual General Membership Meeting on Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 11:00 AM to receive an update on the “B” Association’s current status and plans for the coming new year and beyond. At this meeting, the Board Nominating Committee will present nominees for Directors and Officers for membership approval.

Over the past several days, I had the great pleasure of visiting with several former teammates about the uniqueness of Baylor Homecoming and the fun we experience together when they return to campus.  The final overriding comment from them was, “I’m really looking forward to it!” Each time one of them said it, I would immediately think about something I once said to my late Uncle Walter Abercrombie, my namesake.  God rest his soul.  A few years ago before he passed away, I was admiring his old watch when he surprised me by announcing, “I’m leaving this watch to you in my will.” I was overjoyed, perhaps a little too much. “Oh!” I shouted. “I’m really looking forward to it!”

Getting the opportunity to gather with all you tomorrow to help cheer the Bears to a Homecoming victory over Iowa State…. well, I’m really looking forward to it!  This time, I mean it!!

Sic ‘em!

Walter Abercrombie

Executive Director

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