Through Thick and Thin…Baylor Bears Fight!

What a great day to be a Baylor Bear! It is that time of year again to get cranked up about the new season ahead of us in Baylor Athletics.  Our current letterwinners, coaching staffs, and administrators are truly all an extraordinary group of people. We are very fortunate to have them at Baylor. They continue to represent our great university in a first-class manner both on and off the field. As an alumnus, I could not be prouder of the on-going athletic progress at our alma mater.

I am also proud of you. Through thick and thin, wins and losses, hot and cold weather, you have stuck with us. You wear the banner of Baylor Athletics proudly no matter the circumstances. “Why such allegiance?,” one may ask…. because that’s what letterwinners do.   Thank you for continuing to fling your green and gold afar. 

With eight action packed home games this season, Baylor Football will be as exciting as ever before. This year’s schedule includes a top 25 non-conference (for now) opponent in Utah, an old Southwest Conference rival in Houston, and a final conference showdown against Texas. If that doesn’t light your fire, well, your wood may be a little wet. 

We look forward to seeing you and your family more often in the Letterwinners Lounge beginning this Saturday, September 2, 2023, as the Bears take on the Texas State Bobcats at 6:00 p.m.  Let’s go!

Sic ’em Bears!! 

Walter Abercrombie

Executive Director

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3 thoughts on “Through Thick and Thin…Baylor Bears Fight!

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