Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX

What a great day to be a Baylor Bear!  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, the revolutionary civil rights law that requires all federally funded educational institutions to prohibit discrimination based on sex. Title IX has provided millions of women in the United States greater access to educational and athletic opportunities.

For the past half a century, this law has protected women’s rights and inspired them to pursue their dreams without fear of discrimination or exclusion on the basis of their sex or gender.

Title IX is an important part of our nation’s commitment to protecting the rights of every person, and it is far-reaching. Of course, the most visible impacts of Title IX have been in the field of sports and athletics, providing opportunities for educational scholarships, leadership development, and professional sports careers after college. These are all very significant advancements in individual rights. But, Title IX provides equity in other parts of our lives far beyond sports. The laws provide protection with employment, financial aid, admissions to programs, treatment of pregnant and parenting students, and freedom from sexual harassment.

I am proud that our alma mater has made it a priority to increase its efforts to provide a safe, diverse and inclusive culture that advances educational and athletic opportunities for women.  I am also proud of the pioneering women who blazed the trails and made the sacrifices to help make Baylor Women’s Athletic programs what they are today.  We are all strengthened because of Title IX.

 Sic ’em!

Walter Abercrombie

Executive Director

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