Your Support Makes All the Difference

What a great day to be a Baylor Bear!  

As we draw closer to the end of the year, I invite you once again to become a dues-paying member of the “B” Association. There is no better way to engage with other Baylor letterwinners, reconnect with your old teammates and coaches, and support Baylor Athletics.  Your membership and financial support make it possible for us to provide quality member benefits, and it helps sustain our programs that prepare current student-athletes for careers after college while also enhancing their overall educational experience.

When we were students earning our letter awards, “B” Association members were indirectly investing in our lives through their membership. I am eternally grateful to those dedicated and committed men and women who sacrificed for us. Now, we have an opportunity to pay it forward. Join us and let’s continue to carry out the mission of our beloved association.  Click here for a complete list of membership benefits.

We look forward to seeing you at the game on Saturday!

 Sic ’em!

Walter Abercrombie

Executive Director

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One thought on “Your Support Makes All the Difference

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