Embracing Thankfulness

What a great day to be a Baylor Bear!  As we enter this holiday season, it is my hope that an honest reflection of the blessings in our lives will prompt us to embrace every moment of thankfulness. Even though our daily experiences may include disappointments,  discouragements, and failings, may we always remember that God’s blessings are all around us. Those blessings can arrive in a beautiful morning sunrise, a cry from a newborn baby, a grandparent’s warm smile, a table full of food, or a blazing sunset at the end of a love-filled day.

We can be thankful for simple expressions from our loved ones. I am reminded of a letter my 10 year old daughter Peyton gave me on Thanksgiving a few years ago. The envelope was decorated with orange crayon-colored pumpkins and turkeys. The note inside was adorned with a gazillion hearts (I know because I counted them all) and the following words: “Dear Daddy, I am so thankful you’re my dad. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life. I love you. Happy Thanksgiving!!” It was just the blessing I needed that day.

We can also be thankful for great friends. This Saturday, members of Baylor’s 1980 SWC Championship team will gather to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the team’s invitation to the ’81 Cotton Bowl. I am fortunate to have been a member of that team and to have developed long-standing relationships with such a special group of men. They are like brothers to me.  I am blessed that most of us have remained great friends through the years.

Finally, my hope for you and your family—for all of us—is that we might not only be reminded of those moments and people for which we should be thankful, but that we also remember the less fortunate and those who may be suffering or in need. Please keep them in your prayers, and whenever possible, be the blessing in their lives. 
Sic ‘em and Happy Thanksgiving!
Walter Abercrombie 
Executive Director
Baylor “B” Association 




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