New Members for the “B” Association Board of Directors

The “B” Association held a virtual General Membership Meeting on Thursday, December 10th, to update our members on the current state of the association, as well as plans for the upcoming year and beyond.  The “B” Association’s nominating committee also presented a new slate of incoming directors and vice president for 2021, all of whom were unanimously approved by the general membership. The newly appointed board members are included in the complete list of 2021 “B” Association Officers and Board of Directors listed below:   
President- Cody Carlson (FB ’83-’86)
President Elect- Randy Martin (Tr. Mgr. ’73-’75)
Vice President- Jon Topolski (BB ’96-’99)*
Past President- Mike Johnson (FB ’94-’97)
Treasurer- Phil Duren (TRK ’66)
Executive VP Emeritus- Dusty Sanderson (Tr. Mgr. ’74-’78)
Beth Casteel (VB ’82-’85)
Ken Cooper (FB ’70)*
Angelique (Banket) Cunningham (TRK ’97-’99)*
Nick Florence (FB ’09-’12)
Tim Jackson (BB ’06-’07)
Zona Jones (FB ’85)
Donnie Laurence, Jr. (FB ’92-’95)
Doug McNamee (Tr. Mgr. ’03)
King McClure (BSK ’16-’18)*
Alonzo Pierce (FB ’88-’91)*
Elisha Polk (VB ’96-’99)
Kyle Smith (Tr. Mgr. ’79)
Mike Sims (Tr. Mgr. ’79-’80)
Katie (Staiger) Smith (VB ’14-’17)
Jordan Strickland (SB ’12-’15)*
*new appointees
The “B” Association looks forward to working with this outstanding group of former athletes in 2021, and we hope to bring back many of our long-standing events and traditions (and some exciting new ones) in the coming year!
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