RESCHEDULED: “B” Association to Honor Baylor Legend Alonzo Pierce

The “B” Association and Baylor Athletics will recognize former tight end, Alonzo Pierce, as a 2020 Baylor Football Legend at the Baylor vs. Kansas game on September 26.

As a star player from powerhouse Jack Yates High School in Houston, Texas, Pierce went on to earn four varsity letters for the Bears from 1988-1991.  A vital member of legendary Coach Grant Teaff’s squads in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Pierce quickly earned a starting spot at tight end and helped lead the Bears to the 1991 Copper Bowl. 

That same year, Pierce received the coveted David Award, given to the team member who overcame significant adversity during their career at Baylor. Following the ’91 season, Pierce earned All-Southwest Conference honors, and he was named to the Hula Bowl All-Star Team. After leaving Baylor, he spent a short time in the NFL as a free agent with the Houston Oilers.

Today, Pierce is the Chairman/President of ISW Holdings, Inc., in Houston. He has assisted in sourcing funding for multiple charitable foundation boards, and he recently earned his Certificate of Christian Foundation from the George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor.  

Please join us at McLane Stadium this Saturday as we honor 2020 Baylor Football Legend, Alonzo Pierce!


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13 thoughts on “RESCHEDULED: “B” Association to Honor Baylor Legend Alonzo Pierce

  1. Alonzo Pierce is a scam artist that has conned hundreds of thousands of dollars out of investors. TEMN, DKTS, ISBG all before ISWH, all defunct shells. Alonzo steals money then moves onto the next shell.

  2. Disgraceful that a con artist like Alonzo is being promoted by a school such as Baylor. Alonzo Pierce has pending lawsuits for his various crimes involving defrauding investors

  3. This man is a fraudulent criminal and I find it disgusting you have this “article” posted.

  4. Alonzo Pierce is a scam artist with no real product. One minute looking through his previous “companies” ISBG, DKTS, TEMN will all show the same thing – Alonzo is a criminal.

  5. Alonzo Pierce scammed my family and I out of $147,000. We never recovered and I lost everything.

  6. Yeah, ISWH is a scam. Alonzo Pierce is……

    the biggest OTC clown CEO there is.

    He was involved with Fredericks Entertainment…… REVOKED


    DKTS….Caveat Emptor.

    If he touches it, it’s a scam.

    Unless of course you believe the 4th time is a charm. Then this is your ticker.

  7. Alonzo took every dime I had, I lost my wife, my house, my car…. why would you promote this evil man

  8. Alonzo Pierce is a conniving scam artist. He personally collected over 150k from me and issued fraudulent promissory notes in his shell over 9 years ago which have not been honored.

  9. Alonzo Versell Pierce currently owes 19k in back child support along with a federal tax lien of 14k. This guy leaves a trail of victims everywhere he goes. I have good information suggesting he raped and murdered a woman as well.

  10. Hello all,

    Yes, I admit all the allegations made in the comments are true. I am hoping to make amends, please reach out and contact me.

    Mobile #: 8328196195

  11. I have changed my mind, Lora I’ll see you soon and John you won’t survive either.

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