Letterwinner Devotional by Matthew Johnson

The devotional below was authored by Matthew Johnson.

Matthew Johnson played defensive back for the Bears from 2000-03 before graduating with his Bachelors of Arts in 2004. He would go on to receive a Masters of Theological Studies from Truett Seminary in 2010. Johnson now serves in the ministry at Holman Street Baptist Church in Houston, TX, and teaches special education and coaches football at La Marque High School in La Marque, TX







At the feet of Jesus
Luke 10:38-42

With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, with social unrest permeating throughout our nation, and with our homeless and unemployment rates increasing daily, there is no doubt that we need divine direction and impartation. We have spent many nights contemplating how to respond to the plethora of issues faced. As former student-athletes, we would pride ourselves on our performance. Our successful performances were contributed to the amount of time spent coached in the classroom (film) and out on the field (practice).

I believe the same principle can carry over into our daily lives too. Making an impact in the world begins with spending time with Christ. In Luke 10, we encounter Jesus entering the home of a woman named Martha. While in her house, we find her sister Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Martha is upset that she has left her to do all the chores. So Martha confronted Jesus about the issue, but to her amazement, Jesus affirmed the actions of Mary. The Bible says Mary received the word (v.39). I believe spending intimate time with Jesus gave Mary the necessary confidence (boldness) to stand with Jesus during the tough times, as well as to possess the competency (know-how) to carry the good news to the disciples after the resurrection of Jesus. Either way, we can see how quality time spent with Jesus can manifest in present-day affairs. Like Mary, we, too, must humbly sit at the feet of Jesus (daily) so that we will possess the boldness to stand for Christ during the uncertain times as well as maintain the skills to carry forth the good news of the gospel effectively to a hurting world. May the Lord, keep you and shine His face upon you!

Matt “MJ” Johnson,
Baylor University BA ’04
W. Truett Theological Seminary MTS ‘10



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