Q&A with President Michael Johnson

Affectionately known by his teammates and friends as “Big Mike,” Johnson was a four-year starter with Baylor Football from 1994-1997 and a two-time All Big 12 Conference offensive lineman. He also threw the shot put for the Baylor Men’s Track and Field team where he played a key role in the team winning the Southwest Conference title in 1996. Johnson currently lives in McKinney, Texas, with his fiancee Tracie, daughter Taylor, and sons Josh and Jace.




What is your current occupation?

Michael Johnson State Farm Agent/Owner

What led you to a career in that field?

I started in the mortgage industry with Countrywide Home Loans when I graduated from Baylor in 1999. Loved the mortgage industry then and I still have love for the industry today. After 12 successful years in mortgage world, I wanted to venture out and start working on my own business, but I definitely wanted to make sure that I continued to do what I love the most and that is helping those that need help. Being a State Farm Agent has provided me that opportunity every single day. I started my State Farm agency in McKinney, TX, in 2011. My prayer/mission then and today is to “Be a blessing to others.” I wanted to be able to sit down with any individual, regardless of status, education or knowledge, and be able to assist them with their insurance, financial services or mortgage needs. I am truly blessed to be able to do all those things every single day.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your job?

COVID-19 has changed the way my business operates on a day to day basis. I am extremely glad that State Farm technology allowed my team to work from home without missing a beat. I have three team members that are moms so I thought it was extremely important for them to be at home with their children and families during these challenging times. I’m glad I made that choice because the stress that would have caused my team would have been challenging at the least. My team is extremely professional so it ultimately worked just fine and I am thankful that it did. I still went in the office two or three times a week, but that’s because I’m kind of “old school,” so I still like to get up and get dressed and head into the office but it’s pretty cool being able to blast some good Motown music by myself sometimes. I have to admit that I miss my team but I’m glad things are starting to get back to some normalcy. We will start to transition back into the office June 1st, God willing.

What was your most significant achievement while at Baylor?

My most significant achievement while at Baylor was being a four-year starter on the football team. It’s very difficult to come out of high school and start on any college football team as a freshman, especially on the offense line. Those are some big grown men out there running around on that defensive line. It was a challenge to me and I am glad I got the chance to accomplish that goal. In hindsight, I wish I would have red-shirted because it would have given me the opportunity to get bigger, stronger, and faster which would have made me more dominant and less injured but it was still a blessing.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Baylor?

My fondest memory at Baylor was just being at Baylor and enjoying my time there, not just as an athlete, but being a student as well. I met so many good people that I still stay in contact with today. My best friends came from my Baylor years. Now, it went by waaayyyy too fast, but it’s good to go back and fellowship/reminisce on those good times when I had not a worry in the world.

Why did you become involved with the “B” Association?

I got involved in the “B” Association because I remember when I graduated and I felt a little lost transitioning into the real world. Being an athlete, that transition can be very challenging because for so long we have had a lot of things coordinated/organized for us since our little league days. A lot of athletes are not prepared to make that transition or even have clue what they need to do next. I wanted to create and work on programs that are designed to help all athletes navigate that transition from being in college to the business world. It’s important to start working with these athletes earlier so that they can be better prepared to represent themselves and Baylor University to the fullest. In the “B” Association, we assist in the career preparation of student-athletes and that gives me a chance to make a difference in their lives in meaningful way.

What advice would you give to current student-athletes?

The advice I give to student-athletes is to take that same work ethic, energy, determination, and resilience and bring that to your interviews, your job, your family and to your life. Being a student-athlete has truly put you in a position that most have not been in before which makes you unique/special. Go Sic’Em.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

Before COVID-19, you would have found me on the weekends out with my kids and all my sport teams coaching up these young men and women, but since this pandemic, I have slowed down and enjoyed this family time. I guarantee you will find me on my patio barbecuing, listening to some Motown, country, or r&b music with a nice cigar and a cold adult beverage.


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  1. Great article Big Mike. I am glad that I met you through the “B” Association and I’m proud to call you my friend!

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