Making the Most of Sheltering in Place

In these unprecedented times, many families are spending more time together than ever before. Parents are doing their best to come up with fun and unique activities to keep their families engaged while staying safe at home. 

“Big Mike” Johnson (Football 1994-97), current “B” Association President, and his fiancee Traci came up with a creative project with their kids to have fun while mixing up the dinner routine. 

Their kids, Taylor, Jace, and Joshua competed against each other in a cook off similar to the Food Network competition show Chopped. On each episode of Chopped, chefs compete to create the best meal using a basket of mystery ingredients. Mike and Traci had a set of guidelines and required their kids to use potatoes, bacon, and cherries to create a meal that they then judged. 

Sic ’em, Johnson family!

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One thought on “Making the Most of Sheltering in Place

  1. It’s heartening to see families like “Big Mike” Johnson and Traci finding creative ways to make the most of sheltering in place. The idea of organizing a Chopped-style cook-off with their kids, Taylor, Jace, and Joshua, adds an element of excitement and collaboration to the family routine. I want to spend more time with my family, but due to the huge number of college tasks, it is almost impossible for me. One of my friends recommended seeing this post and consider asking experts for assistance. Such initiatives not only provide a fun break from the ordinary, but also foster a sense of togetherness during these unprecedented times. It’s a wonderful reminder of the innovative and positive ways families are adapting and creating lasting memories.

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