Securing the Future of the “B” Association

As sure as you are reading this letter, a new day for Baylor Athletics has arrived. The thrill of watching our men’s basketball team catch the eye of the nation has been especially exciting, and the continued dominance of our women’s team is now almost taken for granted. The influence of Coach Rhule on our football program can already be seen and felt, and I am very encouraged by the direction he has brought to our team. Baylor athletes in all sports are showing the world where the leaders of tomorrow are forged.

While we celebrate the current successes, we can also look to the future with great optimism. However, we must continue to seize on opportunities that will grow and advance the impact of the “B” Association. For this reason, I want to introduce a strategic proposal that will secure the “B” Association’s role in supporting Baylor Athletics and Baylor athletes for generations to come. The surest way to accomplish this goal is the establishment of a permanent endowment:


The Dutch Schroeder Letterwinners Legacy Endowment

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.”

Proverbs 27:1

The purpose of this endowment fund is to secure a healthy future for the “B” Association and serve as a living memorial. As letterwinners we have a great opportunity and responsibility to continue and improve upon the Association’s legacy of supporting Baylor Athletics and Baylor athletes. This endowment will ensure that no matter what tomorrow brings, the “B” Association will be well equipped to continue our mission in perpetuity.

Leaving a Legacy Today & Tomorrow
Without secure funds, the “B” Association and every letterwinners organization in the country is left to the whims of an uncertain future. With this endowment, we protect the gains we have made, and we create greater opportunities for the next generation of Baylor letterwinners. The principle earned in the endowment will never be touched and annual reinvestments to the principle will ultimately provide the “B” Association with the power to support our athletic programs and athletes in ways currently unimaginable.

Immediate Deliverables
The Letterwinners Lounge at McLane Stadium is a fantastic facility. But like everything in life it will require maintenance and upkeep to remain a great place for letterwinners and their families to enjoy games and experience camaraderie. This endowment preserves our investment. Additionally, The Dutch Schroeder Letterwinners Legacy Endowment will empower the “B” Association to take immediate action on the following:

  • Improving the Quality, Quantity, and Reach of our Events
  • Providing Greater Financial Support to Baylor Athletics
  • Lessening our Dependence on Annual Dues
  • Preservation of the Letterwinners Facility
  • Expanding Programs and Services to all Letterwinners

To best understand what it means to be a Baylor letterwinner, we need look no further than to Dutch Schroeder. His unwavering dedication to Baylor Athletics and to our athletes has provided a model of excellence that generations of Baylor letterwinners will strive to live up to. He is the embodiment of our mission, and we present this permanent endowment in honor of his decades of service and as a testament to what that service can achieve.

We invite you to become a part of his legacy and to share in Dutch’s vision for the future of the Baylor “B” Association. Your donation will make this vision a reality.

For further information, please contact me at 806-681-0888 or by email at

Dusty Sanderson
Baylor “B” Association President, 2017

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