It’s Time to Stand

Dear Baylor Letterwinners,

We are all benefactors of the valuable life lessons taught to us through our participation in team sports.  In light of the recent events at Baylor, I am reminded of an important lesson I learned as a running back in football. For instance, nothing infuriated me more than seeing a referee’s flag thrown against our offense after we scored a touchdown.  I would feel angry, frustrated, and helpless.  At times, I protested, but despite my objections, the penalties always stood and I could do nothing about it. The more time I spent arguing with the referees, the less time I had to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the next play and opportunity to cross the goal line.  As I became a seasoned veteran, I discovered that, in those particular instances, the best recourse for me and my teammates, was for us to quickly put the penalty behind us, sharpen our focus on the next play, increase our resolve, and double our efforts to make the next play successful.

The past two months have been difficult for the entire Baylor Nation.  It has been especially difficult for our family of letterwinners who are uniquely invested in Baylor Athletics. Of course, we are sympathetic to those who are hurting and we must remain prayerful for healing and forgiveness.

As we look forward, whether we agree or disagree with the recent actions of the university that led to the removal of several of our key leaders, I believe our best recourse, as a body of letterwinners, is to draw from that lesson I learned in football and put the matter behind us, sharpen our focus on what lies ahead, and increase our resolve to support Baylor Athletics and our current student athletes who are faced with the arduous challenge to fight on despite the major disruptions and the cruel and often unfair criticism that has been directed at the alma mater we all love.  These young people need our support now more than ever. Most importantly, we need you in the game to demonstrate the strength and unity that far too many outsiders have attempted to diminish. It is our time to STAND.

Sic ’em!

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Walter Abercrombie
Executive Director
Baylor “B” Association

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