Thank You for Another Amazing Year

WA1Legendary basketball coach John Wooden insisted that his players acknowledge the help and support they received from other team members. One day after practice he said, “Men, if you receive a pass from a teammate and you score the basket, as you’re headed back up the court to play defense, remember to acknowledge the assist by pointing, winking, or nodding to the teammate who passed you the ball.” One of the players asked, “But Coach, what if he’s not looking?” The wise old coach replied, “Don’t worry, son, he’ll be looking.” Coach Wooden’s words are so true. “Thank You” are two beautiful words that are always welcomed and appreciated.

As we head into our final home football game of the 2015 season, I want to thank each of you for your commitment and support of  the “B” Association and Baylor Athletics. In no small way, your loyal support in 2015 helped us experience another amazing year of success. Please continue to encourage your teammates and other letterwinners who may not be members of the “B” Association to get involved…and now is the perfect time.  There are some very exciting days ahead for our sports programs at Baylor, and we want all of our former Baylor athletes to get connected so that we may experience the exciting times together.  If you’re not an active member, I invite you to join today. Go to and check out the benefits of an active membership.  More importantly, your active membership helps us keep alive the legacy of the past and it strengthens our collective voice as Baylor’s most beloved ambassadors. Bears for life, baby… Bears for life.

Finally, we hope you can attend theB” Association’s Annual General Membership meeting tomorrow, Saturday, December 5, at 7:30 am in the Letterwinners Lounge at McLane StadiumWe will discuss several important issues and provide updates on the progress occurring in the association. Hope to see you there. 

Sic ‘em!

Walter Abercrombie
Executive Director, Baylor “B” Association

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