Game Day Meals

The Issue
If you have visited the Letterwinners Lounge more than once this season, you may have noticed a slight change in the menu of the game day meals. Most “B” Association members have graciously accepted change while others have voiced disappointment. Because we care about all of our members, we want to take a moment to explain why the change was necessary.

First, please know that it is our ultimate goal to make the lounge experience the very best it can be. That includes providing a quality pregame meal.  When we hosted game day meals in the old “B” Room at Floyd Casey Stadium, our crowds were considerably smaller.  With smaller crowds, we were financially able to offer upgraded meals.  However, with the recent success of Baylor football, along with having larger, more spacious room at McLane Stadium, the number of members/guests coming into the lounge on game day has doubled, driving the costs of providing the upgraded meals to unsustainable levels. We were forced to make an adjustment.  

Dues vs. Meal Expense
Annual Premium Membership dues are only $200 per member ($100 if over age 70) and members are allowed to bring up to three (3) additional guests into the lounge. The elaborate meals we offered in previous years averaged approximately $10.50 per person. If a member attended all six home games with guests, the value of their game day meals alone easily exceeded the cost of their membership.  If the association operated all of its events that way throughout the year, the results would be financially devastating. 

In the spring of 2015, the leadership in the “B” Association took action to address the matter.  Rather than take an extreme approach and increase dues, or limit the number of guests members are allowed to bring into the room, or eliminate the meals benefit entirely, we took a more subtle approach by simply adjusting the type of meals we serve at home games.  Given the circumstances, we believe it was the best option to pursue. We know that game day meals are an important benefit to “B” Association members, but more importantly, it is our committed responsibility to make smart decisions and to be good stewards of “B” Association resources.

Thank you for your understanding.  We hope that you will continue to enjoy the wonderful camaraderie and conveniences in the Letterwinner Lounge on game days.  Also, we urge you to explore the many other valued benefits associated with your membership. We specifically request your feedback and suggestions regarding this issue. 

Sic ’em!

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