How are we supposed to feel about Kitty?

Many of the characters we have experienced within the stories have presented multiple sides to their characters so we struggle with how to view/side with them.

In the novel, Kitty is presented to us as one who is lamenting over the loss of her son and the fact that she is not able to raise her son. Along with the fact that she dresses as a bride to show her purity and make Chris fall back into love with her.

Although we have contrasting sides where we see her as a very controlling and power wanting upper-class women, whose life revolves around the “proper form” of upper-class performances/status. Along with this, Kitty is short to Magaret whenever Margaret reveals the information about Chris. Beautiful women of her type lose, in this matter of admiration alone, their otherwise tremendous sense of class distinction; they are obscurely aware that it is their civilizing mission to flash the jewel of their beauty before all men. She tries extremely hard to be pretty and is visibly disgusted by poor people.

At this point in the text, I would say that we are to sympathize with Kitty from the standpoint that she has lost her son and that she has lost the love of her husband, and she is trying to fight to gain his love back. Kitty has lost two things in her life that are possible of loving her. However, she is also wrapped up in her desire to be proper, so she is also somewhat disliked.

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