Victim or Villain?

Throughout the novel, we see Lady Audley primarily as a villain. She seems as though she is always trying to manipulate someone or something in a very malicious way. For example, when George went missing in the beginning of the novel, she basically discounted Robert’s concerns and told them to get rid of him. Making everyone think that he was crazy and attempting to start a relationship with her, instead of really being able to investigate where his friend might have gone. Again, we see Lady Audley’s manipulation taking place when George sees her portrait during the thunderstorm. Lady Audley leads him to believe that she is just terrified of the storm, manipulating his beliefs, when in reality she is afraid of being caught. Lastly, we see Lady Audley displayed as a villain when she starts a fire at the Castle Inn. This shows that not only is she manipulative, but also very violent and destructive and will do anything to get rid of Robert and Luke because of the information that they have on her. She tried to manipulate the situation again in order to get her way.


Though through the majority of the novel Lady Audley is the villain, towards the end of the novel we see her more as a victim. At the end, she is taken to an institution because everyone sees her madness and acting irrational. This almost makes us feel for her because throughout the novel we were seen that she is crazy, so maybe this is her excuse as to why?


Overall, I believe that Lady Audley is really the villain more so than a victim. Even though she was mad and we might have some sort of sympathy for her, she was very manipulative in her actions and irrational in her decision making. She put others in harms way making it almost hard to even see her in the shoes of a victim.

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