Who will last longer?

At this point in the novel, Lady Audley’s Secret, has turned into a war between Lady Audley and Robert. Who has more power you may ask? The answer is they both have a different type of power they can defend themselves with. I believe Lady Audley has the power of wealth/status and Robert has the power of data, having information about her. But, if I were to choose one I would say Lady Audley has slightly more power.

In Chapter 11 volume 2, when Robert confronts her about his suspiciousness of Helen,
-the power of information/knowledge – Lady Audley tells him he is delusional and that they have the same hand writing. Although, it may be true and Lady Audley may be Helen Talboys, Robert may never get to the end of it because of the protection and status Lady Audley has. Being the wife of Sir Michael Audley can come a long way, “you are mad, and my husband shall protect me from your insolence” (pg 287). Being terrified of what this may lead to, Robert becomes afraid that Lady Audley will let everyone know that he is mad and decides to leave and spends the night at the inn. After this scene, the reader can see that Lady Audley has more power just by being the wife of Sir Michael because although the evidence that Robert has may be true, she is above him and that evidence doesn’t matter, or at least for now it doesn’t.

Lady Audley shutting him down, does not stop him from continuing to investigate. I picture Robert as very hard-headed and someone that will eventually get it his way. He goes his own way and Lady Audley still scared that he may open his mouth, follows with a plan, her power out beats his once gain. Lady Audley, sets the inn on fire. If motives could be a form of power, Lady Audley would win this power by her motives when it comes to burning down the inn where Robert is staying at. This war seems to be difficult to really be able to differentiate between who could win, but Lady Audley seems to be advancing quicker because she is quick to act (i.e., the fire). After this action the reader may ask themselves, will Robert take it? Will he uncover the truth? This war seems to be going back and forth with no clear ending, who will last longer?

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