I have the power now, right?

In the novel, Chapter 10 of Volume 2 reveals a face-to-face encounter with Robert and Lady Audley. It is a key aspect in revealing who is fighting for the power of the novel and who currently has the power within the novel. As for who wants the power, it is Lady Audley. She has more to lose then Robert who is looking to only gain knowledge of the disappearance of his friend. Her motive is the protection of her current life and status in society. Robert is the character who has the most power in the novel because he is the one who has the power to find the truth and ruin Lady Audley and all conspirators’ lives as the others know it. Although his motive is less drastic than Lady Audley because he is only gaining the truth and trying to find the fate of his friend, it is evident that Lady Audley is caught off guard in the chapter when confronted with Robert’s finding. She blurts out, “[that’s] A conspiracy!” Lady Audley is also quick to state “if I were placed in a criminal dock I could, no doubt, bring forward witnesses to refute your absurd accusation.” This shows that she has tried to gain the power of position and control her fate by controlling the livelihood of people and tampering with evidence.


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