How do you read? How do you do this/that?

Within the novel, Braddon does cause confusion in the types of “knowledge” that are presented within the novel.

Knowledge is always power, and has always been. It can been seen in many events and reins in history. For those who possess knowledge has a “leg up” on those that do not possess some form of knowledge. It is know that dictators did not like to have the lower class educated so they did not gain the knowledge of literacy. Because people who are knowledgeable in reading can know what the government is doing and potentially overthrow the government. Those who contain the most knowledge have the most experience and tend to hold the highest position in a certain field.

We as readers have the knowledge of what all the characters are doing and also thinking. The characters in the novel do not get to know what others are thinking, along with what characters that are not around them are actually doing. In books we get a birds-eye-view of the story and get to move from one character to the next as the story goes along. We also are given narrators who will lay out information for us that the characters are unaware of, along with the thoughts of the characters who are talking at the time.


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