She’s got a secret…Can she keep it?

In Braddon’s, “Lady Audley’s Secret,” she holds back much detail about her main character, Lucy Audley. All descriptions of Lady Audley have either pertained to her outward appearance, or the thoughts of what other people think about her and they seemed to only think good things. The novel even says, “Everyone loved, admired, and praised her” (Ch. I, p. 47). But even though everyone admired her, nobody seems to know her past. The novel states, “No one knew anything of her except that she came in answer to an advertisement” (Ch I, p. 47). The story of Lady Audley is shrouded in mystery. She’s the typical figure of someone who puts up a wonderful façade, but leaves people wondering what secrets she holds.

Braddon leaves the reader guessing what Lady Audley’s story is. Chapter II indicates the Lady is possibly Miss Morley, but that is never confirmed. We are told the Lady travels to England to visit a dying friend, but we know nothing of what actually occurred on the trip. The most mysterious thing about the Lady is why she keeps avoiding Robert and George. We do not know why she keeps avoiding him, but one day, she goes on a walk, but returns in the opposite direction of where she was going. What was she doing on this walk? Possibly corresponding with her acquaintance, George? Based on Braddon’s lack of detail of the Lady’s actions, the reader cannot determine what to think of her. One can only assume that she’s devious because her actions are suspicious, but the reader does not know for sure.

Sorry this is a few minutes late! I forgot that Julia and I switched until late this morning. Also, I know I didn’t talk about Lady Audley keeping her secret, as was indicated in the title, but I wanted my title to rhyme.

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