In Brandon’s story “Lady Audley’s Secret” Brandon creates a classic detective novel through the presentation of empirical evididence and slow build of tension in the multiple plot lines. Braddon presents her evidence in a very classic but mysterious way. She almost stops the story in its tracks to make sure the reader takes note of the evidence, but does not yet present that evidences significance leaving the reader wanting more. Right from the start we get and empasis on the bow on Lady Audley’s neck. We don’t understand why or the importance of this bow, but since Braddon stops the story and makes such an emphasis, we will surely remember this piece of evidence down the line as the plot begins to unfold.

Braddon does a fantastic job of building the curiosity of the reader, while at the same time making sure they fully understand the plot as it develops. It is lmosst as if we are watching a detective show, and we get a visual of the evidence and we distinctly remember it, but Braddon is doing all of this with her words and writing. I am very interested to see how all of this evidence and all the separate plot lines come together in the end of this novel.

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