Did I Do That?

The novel continues to touch on the topic of responsibility throughout because of the issue involving the creation of the monster. Victor fears of telling people of the monster until after his wife dies. In the story Victor “carried about with me my eternal hell”, the dehumanizing factor that the monster has created within Victor. Though it is seen at the end of the tale that the monster claims the responsibility of causing grief and pain to Victor throughout his existence. To me it shows that the monster realizes that he lost the one man that thought of him and that was a factor that the monster truly enjoyed, being on someone’s mind. The responsibility of the monster is split between the monster and Victor, because Victor’s hands created the monster, but the monster created the heinous acts of violence.

Our responsibility to strangers is to treat them with the respect that we would hope that one would treat you with upon first meeting you. Although with the instance of the monster showing up in the village house (freaking out, and acting with violence), that is a case that I can see as someone not showing respect to a stranger because the person/monster is on your private property unexpectedly.

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