What’s So Compelling About the Monster’s Story?

The monster does many things in his time with Victor to try and persuade him to see life from his point of view. The monster’s main points for convincing Dr. Frankenstein to feel pity for him is by retelling all the horrible reactions people have had when seeing him and by reminding Dr. Frankenstein that he gave life to the monster and should therefore be responsible for him.

The monster recollects of the time he spent watching the cottagers and learning their ways in hopes that they would accept him into their home. When he finally reveals himself to the cottagers, the boy attacks the monster because he thought the monster was trying to hurt the father. The monster says that while although he was angry, he “could have torn him limb from limb” but decided to refrain from doing so (148). With this story, the monster is not only explaining to Victor how he has been treated horribly by every person that has seen him but that he also doesn’t want to harm them.

When Victor still doesn’t show enough compassion for his creation, the monster decides to try another approach and remind Victor that he is the one that brought him into the world to begin with. The monster tries to relate himself to Adam and Victor to God. He hopes that Victor will realize his responsibility towards the monster and begins to realize this by stating “and did I not, as his maker, owe him all the portion of happiness that it was in my power to bestow?” (157).

While both of these parts of the monster’s conversation with Dr. Frankenstein are important in making Victor feel compassion for his creation, I believe that different people will also feel compassion for the monster at different points during his story. For me, I began feeling sorry for the monster after he was rejected by the cottagers because I could see his want and willingness to be a part of this family. For Victor, the main turning point for him was when the monster reminded him of his obligation to the monster much like a parent is to their own child.

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