Who should be the Judge and Executioner?

In the novel “Frankenstein”, there is a trail scene involving a questionable verdict involving Justine and the murder of William. The trail evokes modern dilemmas involving people who are “charged” with a crime, and that is a lake of evidence, tampering with evidence, and the fact that some people feel that if they accept a charge that they did not commit in attempts to not deal with the troubles of court.

Justine’s case involves the picture that William had the day before in Justine’s pocket. This is the major point that is used to trail and convict Justine in the trial. The troubles are that the people do not think that although she has the picture that she may not be the person who killed him. Even though she states her innocence to multiple people. But the troubling fact is that she admits being guilty to the people to forgo the troubles of the case, hoping for mercy.

Victor is one of the people Justine proclaims her innocence to and he truly believes her. The trouble is that Victor is scared to speak up when he thinks that people will consider him “crazy”. That issue can be seen with witnesses today, thus the witness protection agency was created. This is to help protect those that will testify for or against people. Because people fear of speaking up in the fear of their lives.

A just response in the case in the novel, would be a proper investigation and making Justine have people truly defend her and help her case. Justice is control by those who have the upper hand in a situation. A judge can have the power to control your fate in a case. Another situation would be in a street fight and one person is using his hands and another guy has a gun. The person you is in charge of justice is the person who does hurt someone, they are taking justice into their own hands.


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