Which mask should she wear?

In the beginning of the story, Fantomina is restrained because of her social status level. Very commonly seen in older times and less prevalent in today’s society. Fantomina takes a liking to a gentlemen, “Beauplaisir”, whom she is restricted to converse because of her ascribed class. Due to this facet, she changes her identity to a prostitute because she had observed how the men conversed with the ladies and she was envious of such conversations.
Being hidden as a prostitute she was able to lure in Beauplaisir because of her supposed job. Realizing that she had the power of conversation with her new identity, it allowed her to delay a private meeting with the man. Sadly, the private meeting turned south for Fantomina as she did not think through the consequences of dressing as a prostitute. This results in her feeling “undone’” due to Beauplaisir’s “rapturous’ actions.
Post sexual activities involving the two characters, Fantomina feels lost, taken advantage of, or even a form of lost identity.
Fantomina shifts from despair to love in a short time period. Fantomina is a very cunning person and it is evident in the scene where she bribes the housekeeper into stating she is lodging there and is from the country in all attempts to preserve her true identity. Yet to regain Beauplaisir, she uses her beauty and wits, to disguises herself as a maid, Celia.
Celia seems to be created in all attempts to reel back in some hope for having Beauplaisir fall in love with her, because Beauplaisir asks “Had she ever been in love?” Yet it is quickly seen that Celia is taken advantage of only for sexual desires that Beauplaisir seeks. She is in return treated as a prostitute in the payment that she receives from him.
Fantomina is a very clever lady and extremely observant. She realizes that certain social classes gain access to being able to converse with all gentlemen how talk with you, so she disguises herself in order to obtain the chance for love. Yet the plan tends to backfire as she unwillingly loses her virginity to the man. It is seen that as she shifts from the feeling of identity crisis, she falls in love with the man and would what seems about anything to get him to love her even if it means attempting a new identity. Thus, Celia is created as an outlet to gain conversation with Beauplaisir. Celia seems more desperate and a lot more willing to go along with Beauplaisir’s desires.

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