Didn’t I Just Say NOT to Eat That?

The Goblin Market by Rossetti chronicles two sisters’ overcoming the greed and mystery that surrounds the creepy Goblin Market. One of these sisters, Lizzie, is able to resist the call of the Goblins. Her sister Laura, however, is not so steadfast.

In the second stanza, both sisters are embarrassed of the Goblins’ calls. “Laura bowed her head to hear, Lizzie veiled her blushes: crouching close together” (Line 34-36). But soon, Laura gives into her temptation. She is no longer listening to her sister’s warnings and strays from Lizzie in order to get a good look at the goblins. “Laura stretched her gleaming neck like a rush-imbedded swan…” (Line 81-82). Soon, looking is not enough. Laura has become more curious than ever and cannot resist the temptation to go down to the goblin market. Her will is weakening.

Since Laura has no money to pay for this creepy food from these creepy goblins, she resorts to cutting her hair in order to pay for it. “‘You have much gold upon your head,’ they answered all together; ‘Buy from us with a golden curl.” (Lines 123-125). She has completely abandoned her belief that these Goblins should be avoided and has become so malleable to their callings that she gives them a piece of herself. Giving her hair shows how much she has given up and how far she has drifted from her sister in the process.

Finally, after being rescued by her valiant sister Lizzie, Laura grows into a wiser sister, wife and mother. “‘For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather'” (Line 561-562). Laura has made what seems to be a complete cycle through temptation and back to understanding the great strength she has with her sister.

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