My Great Hesitation


My recent visit with his grace, the Duke, has proved to be quite an interesting character.  During my journey through the grounds, we stopped at a portrait of a young and beautiful woman, his last Duchess.  During my inquiry into her person, he spoke of her beauty, yet countered his compliments with comments of adulterous and shameful actions by her.  For she was “too easily impressed” and had eyes that “went everywhere.”  He spoke of her actions towards other men as being disloyal towards him and his “nine-hundred-years-old name”; however, I interpreted her to be a sweet and compassionate youth.

Herein lies my hesitation.  I know it is his grace’s best interest to marry his daughter to this man, but as a humble and trustworthy servant, I wish you to reconsider.  This man, the Duke, has a twisted sense of love and compassion.  He chose this young beautiful wife and then “gave commands” resulting in, what I interpreted, as her ultimate demise.  He personifies a malicious version of love, a one-sided and narcissistic affection.  He expects his wife to be devoted and cherish him while showing no emotion towards her.  This belief of mine is exemplified in how the Duke describes what occurred, and upon the conclusion of my inquiry, simply continued walking as if she was nothing but an object he desired but not treasured.

While this may seem rather satirical your grace, I hope I am not overstepping my bounds.  This ludicrous idea of love the Duke brings quite a comical yet sad feeling to my heart.  How does he expect such a compassionate lover and has no desire to return such an intense level of love?

Your faithful servant,

Frá Pandolf


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