Women Sometimes Over Think

In Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet 32, she is describing a love that she is confused about. She begins with saying that this love a man has showed her has come too quickly and that it will fade just as fast. “Quick –loving hearts, I thought, may quickly loathe.” She then goes on to say how she does not see herself worthy of him or his love “I seemed not one for such a man’s love.” She doesn’t know if she should continue this relationship with this man.  You can see that she is being torn apart by her emotions of wanting to be with him and looking at the realistic situation, she is second guessing her heart with what her mind is telling her.  She doesn’t want to disappoint herself with knowing what may happen, so she is going to end it but in turn she is going to break his heart and feels awful about it.   “I did not wrong myself so, but I placed a wrong one thee.”

This poem represents a sentimental world view of love. I can see how a woman can be apprehensive of being in a relationship that has begun so quickly. She is expressing her true feelings of this love she is experiencing. The reason I believe she is apprehensive of this man and feels unworthy of him as she has expressed throughout this sonnet is because she loves him as well, and cannot believe such a man truly loves her and as women sometimes we like to over think situations.

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