Who is the Real Hero of Vanity Fair

From a work’s subtitle, you are usually safe to assume you can derive a solid meaning. But in Vanity Fair, this is not the case. The novel’s subtitle, “A Novel without a Hero” implies that there isn’t a hero. However, Thackeray consistently proposes characters as heroes by the way that he portrays them. Even in the beginning, the best example of this, the narrator clearly says that “[Amelia] is not a heroine,” but then goes on to describe her person, her character, and infer that she is the protagonist. This continues to happen throughout the book. Is it true that a protagonist is a protagonist by name only, or could it really be, as Thackeray seems to think, that a hero or heroine is one simply because of their actions? Perhaps Thackeray’s intent is to write a novel without a set hero, or without a presupposed hero. That way, every reader must decide for themselves who their hero is. Or, on the other hand, perhaps this subtitle infers that though there are protagonists in the book, no one is without flaw and therefore worthy of the title “hero” or “heroine”. Whichever the case, Thackeray does a great job of keeping the reader in doubt as to who the narrator really likes or dislikes.

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