Henry Mayhew – London Labour and the London Poor

How important was the role of parents in Victorian times, according to Mayhew’s article? At the time, if one found themselves in a wealthy family, parents provided many different roles in the children’s lives. For a female, the parent helped choose who the girl was to marry, as well as introduce her to the society that she would soon become a part of. For a son, parents provided the source of their money through inheritance, as well as helped connect him to a job through the networking that was used at the time. If one was not in an upper class family, the role of the parent changed drastically. Parents still were the heads of the household, especially the man, and while the father was away working the mother stayed and raised the children by herself. But as seen in the article, if something was to happen to one parent, a wholly negative change could happen to the family. The reason that this child, who’s story is being told, is forced to be a chimney sweep was that his father began beating him and his sister told him to leave and make something of himself. Even though the example is a negative effect of the parent, it is seen that the role of parents was important in Victorian England.

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