Frequently Asked Questions

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Which instructors are allowed to sign up for proctoring support?

Unfortunately, we don’t have endless time as graduate students and we have to choose which things we prioritize. We have responsibilities that include research, teaching, and family. That means that there isn’t always perfect, 100% coverage of all sections for proctoring. 

In order to be the most fair, we only offer graduate student proctor coverage to those teaching large class sizes. 


If you feel that you should be included, please send us an email!


Is proctoring the same thing as TA-ing?

No! Being a TA is a requirement from Baylor Biology to earn a stipend, however proctoring is completely voluntary. It just an easy way to have a little more money in your pocket!

Are there any requirements for being a proctor?

You must be a Biology graduate student at Baylor, in good academic standing, and with no prior infractions with Proctoring Resources.

If you aren’t sure what could be an infraction, read the Proctoring Guide.

Why use Proctoring Resources? 

When you are the instructor for a class size of 100+ students, it can be tough to keep an eye on everyone throughout an exam. By adding extra watchful eyes, it cuts down on cheating and increases academic honesty. 

In the unfortunate case of an incident of cheating, graduate student proctors are also a more impartial voice than a peer.