Baylor in Oxford

Looking for an adventure?! We want to invite you to consider studying abroad summer 2023 with BAYLOR IN OXFORD! We are an intentionally small study abroad trip, with a typical enrollment of 18 to 22 students. You can expect close interactions with your faculty and strong bonds with fellow students. Baylor students live at Christ Church, the largest and most prestigious of the Oxford colleges and where much of Harry Potter was filmed. We take our meals in the magnificent Great Hall, have classes overlooking Tom Quad, worship in Christ Church Cathedral, and wander the Meadows. We travel weekends (included in fees) to Scotland and London, take day trips to the Cotswolds, and provide British rail passes for your own excursions.

Applications are now live and fill quickly.

To receive more information about the program, please contact Dr. Flowers and Dr. Scales. 

And to apply, go to: Baylor in Oxford Summer 2023

Summer Program in DC

Summer Fellowship for Religion and Social Life

Summer 2023

A summer intensive for Baylor students to explore the social benefits of religious communities, while undergoing intentional spiritual formation as well as professional development for a life of service and leadership.

The program will prioritize rising juniors and seniors

  • Spend 8 weeks in Washington D.C.
  • All expenses paid (food, housing, travel)
  • Interdisciplinary coursework on topics related to religious practices and their social impact
  • Full-time internships at the intersection of religion and politics
  • Professional and leadership development
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Spiritual Development

Coursework May Include:

• Religion and Society: What is religion, and what should its relationship be to other realms of life? How should religious practices inform other realms of life, including politics, business, social entrepreneurship, and so on? Students will think theoretically here about how religion should structure our understanding of the world.

• Religion and American History: What role did religion play in the American founding? How have diverse religious communities contributed to America’s social fabric? How have religion and race intersected in the formation of American public life?

• Religion and the Common Good: Does religion make a positive difference for American society? How has religious commitments affected America’s prisons, marriage and families, public health, etc.? In this section students would think empirically about religion’s effects on American society.

• The Constitution and Religious Freedom: What is the scope of religious freedom? How have religious liberties been interpreted by the Court throughout American history? What are the differences between corporate and individual religious liberties, and how should we navigate the conflict between religious liberties and other putative rights?

To apply, please contact Dr. Thomas Hibbs:

The Global Health Student Network

Learn more about the new Global Health initiative on campus, the Global Health Student Network. This group is not a student organization, it is a branch of the Office of Engaged Learning’s new Global Health Academy

The goal of GHSN is to bring together a diverse group of students from varied majors and backgrounds. We hope that this new community of Global Health scholars will include Baylor’s Honors College students. To learn more check out the mission, vision, and structure.

If you are interested in joining the Global Heath Student Network, fill out this form:

Job Opportunities in Schools

Southern Teachers Agency

Our schools seek teachers with subject-matter expertise who are enthusiastic about working with children and teenagers—what’s important is a gift for connecting with and caring for kids. Certification is typically not required (except in elementary grades and specialty areas).

Southern Teachers has matched great candidates with schools in the South for over a century, taking the time to interview candidates, and know the person, not just the resumé. Our services are free for our candidates!

Apply here: 

Wilberforce School (here are the job listings).

Our teachers and staff are gifted, called, and committed to the Wilberforce mission. They model the integration of faith and learning, and affirm the spiritual truths that our students learn at home and at church. At Wilberforce we believe in educating the whole student — mind, body, and soul — to form a vibrant community of learners. Our faculty are also the leaders of our community of learners, modeling our growth mindset philosophy, and inviting our students to join them in a lifelong love of learning.

Career Services & Resources