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  • Get to know your BIC peers and future BIC friends. BIC is a place where you’ll find friendships that will last a lifetime! 

(For 2021 BIC Cohort) BIC Peer instructors (PIs)  and Examined Life Mentors: BIC upperclassmen are here to help you your Freshman year!

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The BIC reception is open and is welcoming in-person interaction. Though our spacing is limited and we want continue to follow COVID guidelines, you are welcome to come by the reception space and say hello! We have a special office air filter and enough space for two students at a time. We are also limiting the time to an hour in the office max in order to open the office space to more students and ensure your safety. The BIC office is in Morrison 231. NOTE: BIC advising is done in-person. Your BIC community cares and is here to support you!

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Baylor’s Maastricht Program

Baylor’s Maastricht Program (January 22-April 22, 2022), emphasizing BIC course credit.

The Spring 2022 Maastricht experience is ideal for students studying in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core. On this three-month adventure, you will earn a semester worth of college credit while living in The Netherlands and traveling throughout Europe. The trip fee ($5,750) includes not just housing, insurance, and a partial meal plan, but also flights to and from Europe, a 5-day all-expense-paid group trip around The Netherlands, and a day trip to walk the battlefield of Waterloo.  The most impressive covered-expense is the 3-month Eurail Pass which allows you to travel practically anywhere in Europe. One perk to participating in the spring program is that you will get to experience the four-day city wide festival that is Carnival! Courses are arranged so that you have three-day weekends as well as three weeks of free travel at the end. The trip is available to any student of any major who has 30 credit hours and at least a 3.0 GPA. The program is very flexible. You can earn credit in History, Political Science, Marketing, Communications, Art, Great Texts, Journalism, Philosophy, and Psychology. One of the 4000 level History courses can count for BIC 4389. There is also the opportunity to develop an independent course with a favorite Baylor professor. Anyone who is interested in more information should e-mail Dr. Wingerd (, stop by his office (Tidwell 205.20), and/or visit the BearsAbroad page. The application deadline is October 1, 2021.