Baylor Leadership Summit

The Baylor Leadership Summit is pleased to welcome Dr. Soong-Chan Rah as this year’s plenary speaker and look forward to learning from him about the robust intersections of leadership with justice, social ethics, and cultural maturity. Students can also look forward to hearing from several community leaders, including Jimmy Dorrell, Andrea Kosar, Hector Sabido, Mia Moody Ramirez, Devin Li, and Jaja Chen, who will share about the intersection of Constructive Hope and leadership for Friday sessions. We are also looking forward to an exciting dumpling-folding lunch experience facilitated by Cha Community (also offered at no cost to participants)!

Through participation in this summit, attendees will engage with knowledge and practices connected to Leading for the Common Good as they are equipped to:

  • Understand the value of inter-dependent relationships that foster collaboration and deepen intercultural commitments
  • Build upon personal leadership knowledge and practice that promotes positive change in communities
  • Experience meaningful interactions with attendees from a variety of colleges and universities

We look forward to seeing you this spring! If you have any questions, please direct them to

BIC student, Jackson Boone, awarded 2024 Hatfield Prize!

From the Presidential Perspective sent on February 1:

The Center for Public Justice has awarded its prestigious 2024 Hatfield Prize to a Baylor student/faculty team to conduct a semester-long research project on social policies that impact vulnerable children, families and communities, and explore the impact of these policies locally. As Hatfield Prize recipients, senior mechanical engineering major Jackson Boone and political science lecturer Colby Humphrey, Ph.D., will focus their research on workforce development efforts in Waco through a Christian faith lens while contributing to policies that promote flourishing communities. The Hatfield Prize honors the legacy of the late Sen. Mark O. Hatfield, who was known for integrating his Christian faith and his public policy commitments. Congratulations to Jackson and Dr. Humphrey for this impressive recognition.