Baylor in Oxford

Looking for an adventure?! We want to invite you to consider studying abroad summer 2022 with BAYLOR IN OXFORD! We are an intentionally small study abroad trip, with a typical enrollment of 18 to 22 students. You can expect close interactions with your faculty and strong bonds with fellow students. Baylor students live at Christ Church, the largest and most prestigious of the Oxford colleges. We take our meals in the magnificent Great Hall, have classes overlooking Tom Quad, and worship in Christ Church Cathedral. Classes will sometimes take place outside the walls of the traditional classroom: under at tree, at a famous site, or maybe a location of your choosing! Your afternoons are free for you to read, study, or explore your beautiful home for the summer. We take day trips to the Cotswolds, Canterbury, and London as well as travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for a long weekend excursion. We hope you consider us as you make plans for the summer!


To apply or get more information about the program, please check us out on BearsAbroad!