Casey Cook (’10)

Since its inception, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core has helped many Baylor students prepare for the rigors of law school. One of our many pre-law graduates, Casey Cook (’10), recently contacted us with the following update:

My name is Casey Cook and I graduated from Baylor University and BIC in the winter of 2010. My experience in BIC was nothing short of life changing. From discussions of Plato’s book: The Republic to sifting through countless New York Times’ columns searching for the perfect article to write about, the BIC continuously challenged my personal beliefs and helped strengthen my philosophy and perception of life. I took these experiences and decided to attend law school. Shortly after attending my first few classes in law school, I quickly realized just how much BIC had prepared me for this academic environment. I feel that having to learn such vasts subjects and subject matter in BIC greatly contributed to my abilities to understand different areas of law and how they were to interact with each other. If I had to do college over again, I would not change a thing. The BIC opened my eyes to a whole new realm of understanding, I am so thankful for my professors, counselors, and instructors that contributed to my growth. 

After law school I decided to start my own firm which focuses on estate and business planning. After a few years of practice my firm has serviced over 1,000+ clients and has quickly grown into multiple firms throughout Texas. My firm has helped all types of clients, from those with few assets who need help qualifying for governmental assistance, to multi-million dollar clients wishing to establish a trust and structuring the ancillary succession planning. I have no doubt that my experiences from BIC have helped shaped my logic and reasoning skills, in addition to my ability to effectively communicate complex or perplexing information to my clients. I can not imagine where my life would be without the education and experiences that BIC provided me. Sic’ em!

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