Alumni Interviews — Courtney Davis (’16)

With each year that passes there are more and more BIC graduates doing great work all over the world. Each spring we publish brief “Alumni Updates” where our alumni can tell us some about their post-BIC lives. In addition to these annual updates, we post interviews with our alumni. Today we are excited to post an interview with Courtney Davis (’16). We hope you enjoy, and if you are interested in being interviewed for a future blog post, email us at

What year did you graduate from Baylor? What did you study?

I graduated from Baylor in May of 2016. I majored in psychology and minored in statistics.

What has been your journey since graduating from Baylor? What are you doing currently for work/career?

After graduating from Baylor, I interned in the Budget and Policy division of the Office of the Texas Governor and worked at a nonprofit in Dallas. I am now a student at the University of Virginia School of Law, where I am a Dillard Scholar.

How has your BIC education influenced your life and/or work since leaving Baylor?

My BIC education was integral in my decision to study law. As a BIC student, I developed a love for interdisciplinary learning and realized that I did not have to limit my interest to one academic discipline or subject. I was a psychology student, but I recognized that every subject I studied enriched my understanding of psychology and vice versa. As I realized that my professional interests had changed from psychology to law, I was not worried about making the transition between disciplines because BIC equipped me to engage intelligently with any discipline and taught me what I learned in psychology and my BIC courses would still inform what I learned as a law student.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time in BIC?

My BIC classes were some of my favorite classes that I took at Baylor. I value them dearly. I honestly don’t think my college experience would have been as fulfilling if I had not been in BIC.

Is there something you learned in BIC that still sticks with you today?

That there is immense value in interdisciplinary learning. It not only enriches your educational experience, but personally develops you by making you a better thinker, problem-solver, and a more empathetic human being.

What are your goals for the future?

Short term, I am not sure what kind of law I want to practice though I have an interest in health law, but long term I would like to serve as a judge.

Do you have any advice for current BIC students?

Realize that being in BIC gives you access to a unique and exemplary education that not everyone else gets. Value your BIC courses, professors, and advisors and be engaged. What you learn as a BIC student can continue to enrich your life after graduation if you open yourself to that, but you have to be intentional about it.

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