BICers Lead Baylor’s Model Arab League


Baylor’s Model Arab League recently traveled to TAMU-Commerce for competition in the Southwest Region. Schools from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri were part.  Baylor won outstanding delegation awards for both countries it represented (Oman and Tunisia) and 11 outstanding delegate awards.  The BIC was key, for 9 of the 15 team members are BICers, and the chief organizer of the team is graduating BIC senior, Carina Zuniga.  Ruddy Tchao, voted by the BIC senior class as Mr. BIC, was also a part of the team, and like Carina, one of its award winners.

Baylor’s delegation is fortunate to have BIC’s very own Dr. Mark Long as their faculty sponsor. Dr. Long, or “faculty sponsor Graybeard,” as he likes to call himself, had the following to say:

“I’ve been faculty sponsor for Baylor’s team for almost 15 years now, and this is clearly one of the strongest contingents we have taken to the multi-state competition.  The BIC was a key part of that success, supplying 9 of the 15 team members.  And a special hat tip to Carina Zuniga, a senior BICer.  She worked tirelessly as our head delegate, organizing the training sessions in the months before the competition, preparing study materials, and then won an outstanding delegate award for her representation of Oman.”

Carina Zuniga, Baylor’s Head Delegate and outstanding BICer, added the following:

My personal interest in the Middle East began during World Cultures II and only grew from there.  Spending my first two years of MAL in the Palestinian Affairs committee increased my sensitivity to the world’s need for social workers, a career which I plan on pursuing after graduation. MAL has been one of my favorite college experiences, and I was undoubtedly able to excel with the BIC as my foundation.

We are so proud of our Model Arab League BICers and are thankful for the leadership of Dr. Long in so many areas at Baylor.

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