A BICer Looks Back

karaThroughout this year, Kara Blomquist (Senior, Language & Linguistics major) has been reflecting on her Baylor and BIC experience on the QuickBIC student blog. Writing posts such as “Our Beloved BIC Professors” and “Answers Not Required,” Kara has offered a revealing look at her journey through the BIC. Below are a few excerpts from her posts, but you will certainly enjoy reading her complete posts at the QuickBIC blog.

From “Our Beloved BIC Professors”:

“The interest our BIC professors take in their students is another area in which they exceed expectations. Many professors have said at the end of a semester, ‘Come back and visit us,’ and they actually mean it. As a senior, I get to attend the class of only one BIC professor. When I drop in on or run into my past BIC professors, it is always so fun because they truly care. I have taken my fair share of classes, but only in the BIC have I been invited to a professor’s breakfast table for tea or into his living room for a shared meal, a human pyramid (thank you, Dr. Long) , and a movie.” (Read more)

From “Answers Not Required”:

“Yes, as we approach our graduation dates, we should intentionally search for things which interest us and for a direction to follow in our future lives.  But who is to say we will find those things according to the timeline set before us?  Maybe we will find our true passion as a junior and not realize how that passion will lead us to a career until three years after we graduate.

“This does not mean we sit around and wait for something to find us.  It means we keep our eyes open.  Whether you are a freshman or a senior or an alumnus, be open to the possibility of finding your calling.  Our lives can’t fit into boxes, and they will not follow a predetermined schedule.  Today, I encourage you to give yourself the freedom to find your passion at your own pace.” (Read more)

From “Reading Required: An Excuse to Explore’:

“Our time in the BIC is unique.  Where else would we find a community dedicated to understanding new perspectives and engaging different cultures together?  While we cannot stay in the BIC forever, we can take our experiences with us.

“Long after our time in the physical community of the BIC is over, we can carry the spirit of academic exploration and openness with us, wherever we may find ourselves.  After graduating from Baylor, this particular community of professors and colleagues will not surround us on a daily basis, but this does not mean that we must learn in solitude.  Soon, it will be up to us to continue our education, to create our own reading lists and find peers willing to dive into them with us.

“But right now, we have the BIC.  We have impactful readings built into our day-to-day lives and communities that are encouraged to congregate and discuss those readings.  This is a gift, friends.  Let’s enjoy it.” (Read more)

Read all of Kara’s posts at the QuickBIC blog.

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