Ode to Dr. Long

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Carolyn Robbins, second-year BICer, recently penned an “ode” to BIC’s much beloved professor, Dr. Mark Long. While being a lovely appreciation of Dr. Long, Carolyn’s blog post also expresses so much of what BIC aims to be about. We think you will enjoy reading Carolyn’s post. Here we offer an excerpt, but you can go to Carolyn’s blog to read the entire piece:

During that first semester of college, I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Perry for Rhetoric I. He’s another favorite of mine, but I’ll save him for another blog. He taught me that Plato’s most important ideas are the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. Dr. Long has a special ability to find these things everywhere. He helped me see Truth in those ancient texts we read in Cultures I that I never would have looked hard enough to find on my own. He pointed out the Beauty of the themes the ancient authors expressed and marveled at their continued relevance to human nature. But most importantly, he helped me see the Good in education, literature, myself, and others when I was stubbornly fixing my eyes on the shadows on the wall. Even though he is no longer one of my professors, and even though I still don’t particularly like to speak in class, the lessons Dr. Long taught me have remained with me, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Dr. Long unlocked my chain and led me out of the cave, and by degrees, I am slowly but surely learning to see the Good.

Read the rest at Carolyn’s blog.

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