QuickBIC — Thank You, Dr. Walden!

waldenQuickBIC is the BIC student blog, updated with a variety of posts each week. Ada Zhang recently posted a tribute to Dr. Sarah Walden, one of the BIC professors who has made a difference in her life. Ada writes:

“Great teachers aren’t hard to come by at Baylor. I could write an ode to any one of them. But I write about Dr. Walden today because she’s the one responsible for getting the wheels aturnin’ (or however that old adage goes). Looking back, she did tell me I had potential to be a good writer, but that’s not really what made me switch from Business to Professional Writing. It’s more that she showed me, in that 8 a.m. freshman rhetoric class, how through words I have the ability to create, to destroy, and to change the way things are—for better and for worse.

“Dr. Walden encouraged those shy freshmen to wield the power of rhetoric — because, she told us, our ideas matter, because words are free and we are free to use them.

“And look at me now! Going on and on and on about my ideas 24/7. It’s like a disease, really. I can’t help it.” [read the full post at the QuickBIC blog]

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