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Weaponizing Bunnies : A Short How-To

I was reading “The Week” (one of my favorite news magazines) when I came across this article… To be completely honest, I only clicked on it because the picture of the rabbit was so cute, but it’s actually quite interesting! Tell me what you think šŸ™‚

GMOs in the News!

Last week, my group presented a project on genetically modified foods… We focused mainly on the current events and history within the United States (for somewhat obvious reasons), but as I was reading the New York Times this afternoon, I noticed this interesting article about genetically modified corn in Europe! I think it’s pretty cool that they might let this new crop through after such a long time … Also, did I mention it’s about corn? Yes, C-O-R-N, the spirit animal of our Biology class šŸ™‚

Take a look-see and tell me what you think!

Fish are friends… not food!

The Week is one of my all-time favorite news sources, and this is a good example of why! I think it’s absolutely amazing that so many species of fish have this trait… Especially since many of them aren’t closely related at all! This reminded me of the jellyfish gene for biofluorescence that we learned about being inserted into a plasmid… but now they come in many colors! It will be exciting to learn what evolutionary advantages this brings to the fish and how they utilize it in their interactions with those around them!


This is now my mental image of what happens when my phage meets the M. Smeg on the plates…


I am very proud to announce that I have finaaaallly found a phage! Despite the dearth of 7H9 Wednesday, Sierra and I were able to do plaque assays, so hopefully we have positive results on Monday!